Celtra secures $15 million financing to lead creative transformation in digital advertising

Celtra announced on June 21 a new $15 million financing round led by Unilever Ventures and WPP. One of RSG Capital’s first investments and a leading digital advertising creative management platform for distributing content across multiple screens, Celtra will help Unilever deliver advertising that feels native and delivers emotional value across Unilever's global marketing organization and its ecosystem of service providers, technology vendors and media suppliers.

Celtra will use the latest investment round to continue to develop the technology used to facilitate the creation, production, and distribution of ads across a variety of devices and to further expand business with the world’s largest advertisers including Unilever, Kargo, Netflix, Opera Mediaworks and over two-thirds of the Fortune Global 500 companies. 


Mihael Mikek. founder and CEO of Celtra: “We want to replicate and build on the success we’ve had with brands like Unilever, where we’re licensing the software directly to brands. [But] agencies are a crucial part of making that work because they’re going to be the ones operating the software and advising brands on how or what to implement.”


Jure Mikuž, managing partner at RSG Capital: “Celtra has been an impressive portfolio company through all the stages, ever since our investment in 2009. Being an investor and seeing it going from a pre-revenue stage to current 180 employees still creates goose bumps and is an immense pleasure to me. The new investors will make Celtra even more robust and I have no doubt it will continue to impress everyone involved. RSG Capital is partially cashing in at this point, but will remain an active shareholder in the company in the future.”

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