Connet cooperates with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce

SMEs are the backbone of Croatia’s economic development. To increase the competitiveness and business transparency, promote exports, and stimulate SME growth, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Connet and credit rating agency Coface launched the Excellent SME certificate program.

In cooperation with the national Chambers of commerce and rating agencies, Connet is the technological certification provider of good standing companies Excellent SME which includes more than 1.900 regional companies. The majority of clients come from Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Hungary. 


Connet offers multiple easy to use means of visitor verification. Their solution allows issuers to remotely control how their brand and information appears and when it appears on third party web sites that sell their products or services, providing uniformity as well as security.


Connet’s seals are equipped with an additional layer of security. A personal signature on the seal is a patented solution that gives the visitor the means to verify the authenticity of a seal at a glance and enhances the brand value investment by providing a deep level of reassurance to business partners and visitors. 

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