EFOS is building a dense network of fully automated Trapview traps in the Mediterranean

EFOS, a high tech company developing complex integrated information systems in the field of environment, animal tracking and food safety, started a 2-year project to create a dense network of fully automated Trapview traps in the Mediterranean basin.  The network of over 1000 traps is expected to bring significant advances in automated pest recognition and data analysis and allow the company to develop forecasting of pest population similar to weather forecasts. The project will further strengthen Trapview’s position of a top leading crop and pest monitoring solution in the world.

The EU Commission awarded over €1 Million grant from the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument program to support the next step in the development of Trapview automated pest monitoring system. The awarded grant is a direct recognition by EU Commission, establishing EFOS' Trapview as a breakthrough innovation in agriculture. It has a great potential to influence how food is produced in a healthier and sustainable way by utilizing integrated pest management and precision agriculture principles.

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