Efos signes a partnership with Adama Australia

Recently, Efos has signed a partnership with Adama Australia, which is now the exclusive distributer of Trapview, automated pest monitoring system, in Australia and New Zealand.

“This partnership is an example of how Adama plans to deliver simplicity and digital solutions to the Australian market. Through Trapview, we are offering an innovative technology that goes beyond any current offering in the market place. Together with our partners we will deliver a powerful digital tool coupled with the right chemistry to help simplify the complex job of growing," said Adama Marketing Manager Adam Phelan.

Trapview utilises revolutionary technology in a fully integrated system to provide an innovative, simplified solution for growers, agronomists and researchers needing to monitor insect populations. It captures images and provides digital recognition of pests in any given number of traps. Pest populations and their dynamics can be monitored on desktop and mobile devices in real time, with the system providing analytics and rapid pest alerts.

Adama Australia is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of crop protection solutions. The company supplies efficient solutions to growers across the full farming value-chain, including crop protection, novel agricultural technologies, and complementary non-crop businesses. Adama is ranked seventh in the global agro-chemicals industry and is characterised by its heritage of innovation, farmer-centric approach to product & technology development, and observance of strict standards of environmental protection and quality control. 

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