RSG Capital makes an exit from its Degordian investment

RSG Capital sold its shares of Zagreb-based Degordian, a company co-founded by Daniel Ackerman and Tomislav Grubišić, with a vision of developing the best digital media monitoring solution on the market. RSG Capital has supported the co-founders in the process of building the company from 25 to more than two hundred employees and generating growth of revenues from € 500.000 to more than € 5 million. Emerging from an apartment in Zagreb six years later Degordian has offices in 4 countries, has received 8 best employer awards and 64 industry awards.

RSG Capital has successfully sold its shares to a Croatia-based company Softman Ltd. for an undisclosed amount. Jure Mikuž, the managing partner at RSG Capital: “We are more than happy to have helped Daniel and Tomislav through their most fragile stages of growing the company and wish them all the best now in the next chapter of their entrepreneurial journey. I believe they got a new partner, who is a perfect fit for them at this point and will help them build an even stronger company in the future."

Apart from accelerating the growth of Degordian and Bornfight part of the group, the investment has also fuelled the development of Mediatoolkit, a media monitoring & analytics solution that currently serves hundreds of business clients.

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