RSG Capital's new investment in eDition Digital!

Recently, RSG Capital completed the investment in Slovenian company Citadela and its solution eDition® Digital, a multiplatform publishing system that enables brands, agencies and publishers to develop dynamic and interactive digital media across all platforms – desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

eDition® Digital platform is a powerful and easy to use set of solutions for digital publishing. It recognizes the importance of creative approach to creating the digital content, and while offering a number of advanced features it remains easy to use. eDition® Digital comprises a full set of features, from basic linking, adding photo slides and videos to more advanced features such as complex animation, advanced SEO capabilities and segmented analytics. It is platform agnostic, so the user can easily create interactive publications that can be instantly published and read on all platforms - tablets, mobile devices, and on web browsers. It is designed as a cloud service (SaaS) making use of the advantages that web offers, including social media, advertising and CRM integration.

Rok Pulević, CEO of Citadela, says eDition Digital's greatest advantage is ease of use and understanding of the interactive potential of the digital media: »We constantly interact with our users, which helps us a lot when planning further development of eDition Digital platform, be it in UX or in the underlying tech solutions.«

Currently, more than 1.000 companies are using eDition® Digital in implementing their communication strategies, including some of the global brands, such as Mazda (UK, USA, Canada, Australia), Land Rover, Boots, Marks&Spencer, British Telecom, Esprit, Fiat, BNP Paribas, Barclays, Sainsburys, Argos, Yamaha, British Airways and also some successful Slovenian companies like Akrapovič, Adria Mobil, Telemach, Porsche Slovenija, Telekom and many others.

"Digital publishing and content marketing are big trends in today's communications. Therefore, an online platform that responds to the needs of the market is the right solution at the right time. eDition Digital understands the power of digital communication channels and with its technological solutions enables creative approach to effectively address the various target groups," said Jure Mikuž, RSG Capital’s Managing Director.

With the new investment, company will boost and accelerate its sales and marketing activities, primarily building its presence in UK and USA, and speed up further product development.

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