Efos is a high tech company focusing on providing complex information systems, mainly in the field of environment, traceability and food safety.

After having developed a number of complex solutions, such as veterinary systems, identification and registration systems and a number of registers, Efos started to develop its core product, ePestAlert, in 2009.

PestAlert is an innovative pheromone delta-trap combining hardware with a software solution enabling remote monitoring of different pests. The device takes pictures of the sticky insert within the trap and sends them via GPRS connection to the central server where they are stored, processed and shown to the user through a web or mobile application. Compared to other solutions a major advantage of ePestAlert is the significant reduction in the use of field scouts (70%), reduced time to process field data and much faster (on average 7x) response to field-level situations. With full insight into historic data it allows even better support to decisionmaking process.The modern technologies used in food production are all based on the data on presence and development of the pests, since they enable more accurate and efficient measures to be taken, and consequently healthier food.

The investment will enable Efos to expand its distribution and sales network and exploit the opportunity offered by the increasing use of technology in the area of agriculture.